zaterdag 30 maart 2013

Blessed Ostara

Of course, we all have the right to use any reason we like for celebrating any holiday. But the implication that your Easter celebration is authentic only if you do it with the Christian resurrection in mind betrays an ignorance of religious history.This holiday has been celebrated every spring all over the world in an unbroken tradition going back to many centuries before Jesus was even born, and this cannot have had any original connection to him.Easter was originally (and still is) a celebration of the fertility of the earth, renewed each springtime. The egg, the chick, the rabbit, the flowers, are all fertility symbols (and much older than the Christian symbol of the resurrected God)The Christian church, because it could not eradicate the celebration of this popular festival, reinterpreted it and assigned to it a new meaning, but was unable to erase completely its original significance. Undoubtedly current attempts by Christians will have no more success. I want to point out that i am not mocking or ridiculing Christianity or Christians!Blessed Be.