vrijdag 23 december 2011

Holiday sale G.Field !!!

Letter to Santa

Hair : NEW Action at four corners
Skin : Al Vulo (Sally)
Lipstick : Pink Fuel Elly
Hat & mittens : Indie Rose (hunt in store)
Thermal shirt : Indie Rose (hunt in store)
Dress : FREE Christmas gift **M+M**
Thermal legging : Indie Rose (hunt in store )
Boots : Kookie
Bag : FREE gift Severed Garden
Card in mouth : Someting in your mouth

donderdag 22 december 2011

Cookies and shoes

I love cookies ,,,

But WOW they make me fat ...

Hmmm what shoud i do ??? ,,,

Yayyy i know ,,,I just buy myself some new shoes :D ! ,,,

And here they are !!!

Hair : Tram
Skin Pink Fuel
Sweater : NEW Deetalez
Lingerie : NEW D.Select
Shoes : NEW T.Whore

Facts to know about christmas

Christmas is currently celebrated on December 25th. however, the birth of Jesus Christ was not December 25th, it was actually sometime between May and September. December 25th was a date that was agreed on by the early church to replace Pagan festivals to confirm Christianity's predominance over the old religions.

This is a great social, cultural and religious injustice, and should be changed. Christians should not be allowed to continue to celebrate their holiday on a date that was stolen in order to attempt to wipe out other cultures' beliefs and practices.

Many Pagan holidays are celebrated by followers of Aboriginal and Neopagan religions around the world on or around this date, including Wiccans who celebrate Yule. Due to the fact that Christians have stolen this holiday, many Pagan practices have been integrated into their activities, and have been twisted to meet THEIR needs. This is not only offensive, it is something that saddens many followers of various Pagan religions.

Although the solstice is actually around the 22nd, the elevation of the sun's path is most noticeable a few days after the Solstice, so many celebrations are held on the 25th. This is a PAGAN holiday, and should be recognized as such. In addition to ancient Solstice celebrations, December 25th marks the births of many ancient Pagan Gods. Mithras, Attis, Osiris, Dionysus and is also the date of the Sun-God celebration of Saturnalia.

"Christmas" to many Pagans represents centuries of hypocrisy, lies and persecution.

Remember, Pagans who refused to convert to Christianity were put to death. You wouldn't expect Jewish people to accept one of their holy days being re-named Hitler day. Pagans were deliberately targeted and exterminated.

Original Christian Law:
"No one shall consult a soothsayer, astrologer or diviner. The perverse pronouncements of augurs and seers must fall silent. ... The universal curiosity about divination must be silent forever. Whoever refuses obedience to this command shall suffer the penalty of death and be laid low by the avenging sword." Codex Theodosianus, IX.16.4

woensdag 21 december 2011


Hair : Tram
Skin : The skinnery
Gown : Passion for Fashion
Bag : GLOW
Wrap : Laville
Earrings & ring : FREE Cento Pallini
Gloves : Nicky Ree

maandag 19 december 2011

Blessed Yule

Hair : Dark Mousse SALE !!
Skin : Pink Fuel With love hunt
Skirt,top, scarf : Molichino FREE christmas gift
Earrings : R.icielli
Shoes&socks : YS&YS
Bag : OLD&NEW Lavanda hunt

zondag 18 december 2011


Hair : FREE Analog Dog
Hat : FREE Vita's Boudoir group gift
Skin : FREE Heartsick Depraved hunt
Dress , bangles ,earrings : FREE Morea Style group gift
Tights : Biasta
Shoes : G. Field

R.icielli sale !!!

Holiday sale at Fri.day !!!!

zaterdag 17 december 2011

D'ont forget me santa

Hair : Elikatira
Skin : Jesylilo (kids skin Lordy)
Shape : FREE Mother Goose's
Outfit & boots : LARNIA kids (FLF kids)
Rabbit toy : gift ragdolls
Pacifier : Baby Princess
Pompom hat : U.F.O at 4 corners

Warm colors for a cold winter

Hair : Exile 50 L sale ( not sure if its still going )
Skin : Al Vulo TDRB
Vest : NEW ;;LC;; last week fashionably late
Dress : NEW The Secret store last week lazy sunday
Bag : Armidi at Warehouse sale ( closed)
Earrings : Bellballs
Sandals & socks : Milk Motion

Kawaiii :D

Hair & hat : Bonne chance LB
Skin : Lsb LB
Earrings : IREN AD&DW hunt
Coat Bukka LB
Dress : NEW Candydoll
Necklace : LEAGUE
Tifgts : NEW Sourires at PW
Socks : AA League of christmas hunt
Shoes : The Abyss Warehouse sale (closed)
Bag : Le poppycock League of christmas hunt

donderdag 15 december 2011

A Depraved and Desolate Winter Hunt

Hints & urls here : http://depravednation.com/a-depraved-desolate-winter

Hair & hat : NEW Analog Dog
Skin : NEW Aura at PW
Sweater : NEW Izzie's
Skirt : Molichino subscribe gift
Poncho : Milk Motion
Bag : ROLY-POLY league of christmas market

woensdag 14 december 2011

Northern light

Hair and hat : Elikatira
Skin : Lara Hurley With love hunt (10L)
Sweater and boots : FREE xxYomeshoujoxx
Legging : Oval free marketplace
Bicycle : What next

I tell you a secret , Rudolf ...

Hair : NEW Head Mistress
Skin : Mojo GIFT
Vest : Tulip With love hunt (10L)
Dress :Mimikri at TDRB
Jeans : L.inc
Boots : N-Core NEW groupgift
Bag : R.icielli
Necklace : Needful Things Where is hunt