maandag 31 oktober 2011

Dia de los muertos

Hair: Lamb
Skin : Candydoll lazy sunday
Lipstick with teeth : Rozena
Hair piece : Halloween gift BP*
Sweater & muffler : LB Sheep Door
Baggy pants : group gift LooP ( you get the fatpack!!)
Shoes : Reek
Lollipop : The Secret Store
Jack'O lantern : Izzie's GIFT

zondag 30 oktober 2011

Go green

Hair : Loq NEW at the dressing room blue
Skin : Not buttons (lots of free skins !)
Shirt & scarf : NEW gift from PRISS
Pants : Coloreta's NEW group gift (fee to join 99L)
Cardigan : Stickyfingers
Belt : Nyte 'N' day
Earrings : Glow NEW at the dressong room blue
Bangles : YS&YS
Bag : Bubble zombie popcorn hunt
Boots : NEW tulip (50 % sale this weeekend at Tulip!)

The mushroom hunt !

More info here :

vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

The Real Meaning of Halloween

Ghosts and goblins, witches on broomsticks, pumpkins, candy and spiderwebs…it’s that time of year again. Halloween—probably every child’s favorite holiday, combining the irresistible attractions of dressing up in costume and eating candy.

But there’s a deeper spiritual meaning that underlies the holiday for Pagans and real Witches—those who follow earth-based Goddess traditions that predate Christianity. As we (in the northern hemisphere) move into the time of cold and the dark of winter, we celebrate our New Year, and honor both death and regeneration.

In Northern Europe, Samhain (the Celtic term for Halloween, pronounced sow-in) was the time when the cattle were moved from the summer pastures to winter shelter. It was the end of the growing season, the end of harvest, a time of thanksgiving, when the ancestors and the spirits of the beloved dead would return home to share in the feast... People would leave offerings of food and drink for their loved ones, and set out candles to light their way home. Those traditions gave us many of our present day customs. Now we set out jack-o-lanterns and give offerings of candy to children—who are, after all, the ancestors returning in new forms.

Death and regeneration are always linked in Goddess theology. Birth, growth, death and renewal are a cycle that never ends, through natural systems and human lives. Embracing this cycle, we don’t need to fear death, but instead can see it as a stage of life and a gateway to some new form of being.

So Samhain (Halloween) is a time to remember and honor those who have died, to celebrate their lives and honor their gifts, to tell stories about them to the next generation so their memory will not be lost. We set up altars in our homes, with pictures and mementos, and in my house, we like to invite friends and family to an ancestor dinner, where we cook their traditional foods and share our family stories.

Samhain is also a time for deep spiritual work. At this time of year, we say, “the veil is thin that divides the worlds, the seen from the unseen, the day to day from the mysteries.

Halloween, and our traditions, are much misunderstood. This year, when you hand out candy or shepherd your children through the streets, we invite you to remember the deeper meaning of the holiday: that death is no barrier to love, and every ending brings a new beginning.


Hair : Elikatira (sale only 66 L ! )
Skin : Belleza group gift ( fee to join 250 L )
Vest : Fishy Strawberry
Tunik : NEW groupgift C'est moi
Shirt : Cool beans
Bag : NEW groupgift !gO!
Skirt : Fishy Strawberry
Tights : Jane FREE gift all colors
Socks : Doppleganger
Boots : G. Field

donderdag 27 oktober 2011


Some more trick or treats gifts that you can find at Calas

Enjoying the gorgeous nature at Calas

Hair : Truth
Skin : Mother Goose's (SGB)
Atumn wreath : Mystic sky
Scarf : PurpleMood
Dress : Addict season hunt
Wool legging : Niniko
Boots : S@BBia
Frilled blouse : Atomic

Halloween at Calas

woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Paris by night

Hair : Catwa Free group gift (fat pack !)
Skin : Barbiedoll
Cardigan : Beetlebones
Necklace : Concrete Flowers season hunt
Lace top : top part of a dress from Bonne Chance LB
Pants : Molichino past week Grenade free wednesday
Shoes & tights Maitreya
Clutch bag : Tulip TFG

Trick or treat

Hair : past FLF
Hat : Gift Likka House
Skin : Medley past Lazy Sunday
Mask : Stikyfingers
Earrings : Gift Line
Dress : Gift CHANTKARE
Candybag mouth : Suis Petit Marketplace
Tights : Atomic at Bake Sale
Candy bucket : group gift ATOI
Boots : Gift Vita's Boudoir

dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

Sunset at Sigana

Hat : D!va (last year gift )
Skin : Al Vulo anniversary gift
Hair : Elikatira
Sweater : Sn@tch
Shorts : Mon Tissu
Tights : Tulip
Socks : Mother Goose LB
Boots : GOS
Belt with bag : Bucca FREE subscribe gift
Bracelets & earrings : League

maandag 24 oktober 2011


Hair : Exile The Dressing Room Blue
Skin : Natural Beauty Belle
Sweater : Humming ( only 1L !)
Vest : !OhMai season hunt
Pants : Fishy Strawberry The Dressing Room
Boots : Kookie ( past FLF)
Earrings : Baby Monkey group gift
Bag : TokiD season hunt
Tights : BIASTA for XROOM

Keep yourself warm this fall

Hair : Tufy's Miss FREE on marketplace
Skin : Natural Beauty Belle Fatpack ( was on sale this weekend )
Dress : Salire FREE gift
Pants : Pesca FREE gift at SGB Halloween Festa
Shoes : NEW tulip for new edition of Fashionably late
Necklace : Dark Mouse
Bag : C'est la vie at SGB
Stole : Cheerno past Project Themeory
Earmuff : ::C,A:: KIRAFUWA FREE gift at SGB

zondag 23 oktober 2011


Hair : Lamb collabor 88
Skin : NEW Candydoll lazy sunday
Cardigan : Fishy Strawberry fashionably late
Top : Shush
Skirt : Salire ( SALE!!! )
Tights : The Sea Hole gatcha
Socks : Salire FREE group gift
Boots : Plastik Groupgift check notices
Bag : Tea Time past GSP
Necklace : Caroline's jewelry season hunt

Giraffe :P

Hair : Milk Motion season hunt
Skin : The Skinnery LB
Teeth : part of the skin Lordy Jesylilo
Hoody jacket : !gO! LB
Sweater : Jane
Pants : COCO
Boots : Khush zombie popcorn hunt